Sunday, December 12, 2010

Week 1

There will be success in whatever you do this week if you ask for help, but be wary of their repercussions. Make sure you really want to follow your plans to its fruition. You should accept help from friends.

You will receive a shocking news this week. Take it with a smile. Accept it wholeheartedly. The news will surely bring ripples to your job, environment, family and friends.

Postpone anything major this week as they tend to yield unwanted results. There may even result to quarrel or divorce between friends and mates.

This week, expect the boss, your parents or someone superior to you to put you into your proper place. This is not really a bad thing as a raise may be in the offing if you are worthy.

Those deadlines and projects are not going to be finished anytime soon. There will be obstacles and limitations. Sorry, but your week may be hard.

It's time to think of the family this week. A reunion with family members may be planned, however be wary as quarrels may ensue and may lead to dissolution of ties.

Librans who are going to get married this week will be auspicious. Any romantic relationship will be successful for those born under this sign this week.

Be still this week. Take time to rest. A vacation may be needed. Do nothing. At work, do nothing that will endanger your job. A pinch of humility is seen under your sign this week.

Travel is seen on your sign this week. A change in scenery or change in domestic life is favorable. The Moon even suggest that you may even get a priceless heirloom or lesson.

Childish behavior on your part this week may lead to bad end. Brace yourself for anything that deals with children or childhood aspirations this week.

Whatever you're planning this week, the Moon tells you to just do it. There will be success in it. The important thing is that you started it.

This is a lucky week for you as long as you let the Universe decide. Don't make any harsh decisions. Go with the flow, and when opportunity knocks grab it.

This is the first time I'm doing this. I'm an amateur soothsayer. I got the ability of reading the Moon from my mother who gave me her old astrology book which has been handed down for generations. The book, "Lunario", is what I now use to interpret and give predictions.

Please comment if any of the predictions come true.


  1. Thanks for the free horoscopes, they helped me gain insight about my Virgo life, which is a bit crazy right now.

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