Thursday, July 4, 2013

Week 27

This is the time to take that vacation you've been dreaming of for some years now.  The Moon gives its blessing.  In fact, she promises a serendipitous meeting.  Your soul mate perhaps?

The Moon is not pleased to say that a problem regarding the security of your Home might arise this week.  Make sure to pay your bills or don't forget to lock your doors when going out.  Check the gas pipes even.

Something wonderful will catch your eye this week.  It could be a dress, a new show, or even a new pub.  The Moon suggests that you hang out with the younger crowd this week.

What's the reason that you've been crying or have been sad lately?  The Moon empathizes, but there won't be any let down this week.  Hang in there!  Don't do anything brash.

Your friends might coerce you to treat them this week, but what-the-hey, you're in a giving mood this week.  There will be jovial fun and laughter all around.  Good for you!

You've been more meticulous lately.  Relax.  Everything this week will be fine.  Enjoy the summer holiday.  That thing that you've been fretting?  You'll find out sooner or later, and when you do you'd tell yourself that there's been no reason to worry at all.

If you have friends who haven't been speaking for sometime now, the Moon says it's now time for you to probably make things well again.  The Moon blesses you this week with ingenuity. 

Parties and get-togethers seem to gravitate towards you this week.  It's difficult to pick which ones to attend or which ones to decline.  Whatever you'll choose, you'll have a grand time.

Be careful with your words this week as they might get you into trouble.  Sometimes it's better to hold one's tongue than to tell a person the truth.

This week is the time that you can actually show the naysayers that you can throw a fabulous party.  Warning though, though it will be a blast, unwanted incidents might happen: a broken vase perhaps?

If you don't feel like it, it's okay to say "no".  If you'd prefer to sleep or curl up with a good book instead of going out with your friends, then tell them so.

Take this week to visit a museum or an art gallery or watch a performance. And on your way there, and you meet a homeless person, don't forget to give alms.  The Moon says, the karma or payback you'll receive will be highly appreciated.

It's been a long time since the first post.  I'm an amateur soothsayer. I got the ability of reading the Moon from my mother who gave me her old astrology book which has been handed down for generations. The book, "Lunario", is what I now use to interpret and give predictions.

Please comment if any of the predictions come true.

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